Send Doz a Scribe.
"Embark upon a quest into my stygian domain.
A realm of enchanted beings, mythical beasts,
illustrations of illusions unimagined, and
desires of the flesh. All this fulfilled by the
sting of a mystical machine that bites with a
scorpion's kiss yet caresses the skin with works
of art to stir the soul and tempt the senses."


I specialize in custom tattoos in all areas of tattooing:

Custom, Fineline, Traditional, Realistic, Tribal, Celtic, etc...
As well as repair, cover and concealment of those less than complimentary pieces.

My equipment is sterile and the best money can buy, and my studio is cleaned with antiseptics on a day-to-day basis.

My standards are high because they have to be, and because I strive to provide only the very best for my customers. DON'T trust your imagery or your health to a fly-by-night operation. Remember: Just because someone has worked/works in a studio, doesn't necessarily mean they know what they're doing. When you are a customer of Dozer's, you will be dealing with someone who has experience and can bring your original work to life. Too many tattoo artists these days can't even draw, forcing them to rely on a good tracing job to bring them an income.

Do some research. Check out the product. When you are finished, come to me and we will unleash your imaginations desires!

Dozta2 Custom Tattoos is located in upstate New York in the city of Elmira.

Appointments Are Required!

Please Call Monday-Friday, Noon-6pm.
(607) 733-5642